David McLeavy

  • David McLeavy

30 x 42cm
Editon of 50

David McLeavy's work involves making ‘things’ and doing ‘stuff’ that best represent his interests at any given time. His methodology allows him the freedom to make work specifically for a chosen project. Recent projects have involved him using work by other artists along with designing a sport specifically intended for artists. More recently his work has focused upon simple acts that may relate to a larger cultural group or activity. McLeavy has been working on producing instigators or starting points that are based around the notion of factual and fictional events or actions, thus questioning the artist’s role as being authentic.

The S1 Studio Holder Editions have been produced by studio holders based at S1 Artspace past and present. All proceeds from S1 Studio Holder Editions directly support improvements to the studios. The production of this edition has been generously supported by APG Works, Sheffield.

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