Simon Bill, You Naughty Man!

  • Simon Bill, You Naughty Man!

You Naughty Man! 2011

Acrylic on MDF
127 x 97 cm
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Simon Bill’s practice draws from an almost incomprehensibly diverse range of sources from the everyday and popular culture to deeply interrogated scientific concerns. These diverse subjects are however succinctly brought together by a consistent employment of oval shaped canvasses constructed of MDF board and polystyrene, a format which Bill has used for much of his career.

You Naughty Man! takes its regular abstract form directly from wooden panelling found in the dining room of Mount Stuart House in Scotland; the location of Bill’s exhibition Modernism has two faces… (2011). The house, built in the late 1870s for the 3rd Marquess of Bute was the first house in Scotland to have electric lighting, central heating and a telephone system and has been the subject of several of Bill’s paintings.