Sean Edwards

  • Sean Edwards

D, Centre Spot, Tacks, 2007

Three oak framed digital prints
15 x 20 cm each
Gallery Price: £2,000 | S1 Patron Scheme: £1,000

Please note that shipping within the UK is available upon request.

Since 2006 Edwards has been buying a copy of The Sun newspaper every day, and has integrated the publication into a number of artworks. From this starting point Edwards has created works, which exploit the tension between two and three dimensions. In K_007 (2007) the artist cut a sheet of dolls house paper into the silhouette of a page 3 glamour model and twisted the paper into a cylinder. Another ongoing work has involved elegantly cutting and compiling the letters 'U' and 'N' from the mastheads of all the issues that Edwards has bought. However, The Sun project is more than just a formal exercise. By incorporating the purchase of the newspaper into his artistic practice, Edwards pointedly brings together the high and low, the quotidian and the 'timeless'.

Edwards also sees this duality in the works of others. During the 2006 World Snooker Championship the artist filmed the crew responsible for assembling the competition tables (Table, 2006). In this video the overwhelming abundance of raw materials – slate table tops, swathes of green fabric, tacks – highlights the sculptural core of the craftsmen’s activity. Similarly, 16mm film Lap Steel (2008) shows a close-up of an anonymous hand playing lap steel guitar. The wooden fingerboard and the metal slide look like the disembodied elements of a moving sculpture, brought together only by the skill and energy of the performing musician.